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We provide comprehensive instruction at a level of EXCELLENCE for licensed massage therapists and also the general public!

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Jenifer Funk, canine massage educator

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Jenifer Funk, BME, LMT, NMT, CCMT, NCTMB received a Bachelor's degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and was a licensed educator in the State of Wisconsin for 16 years also a certified educator in the State of Florida. 

After graduating from the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy, she has been a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker in both Florida and Wisconsin since 2002, a massage school instructor since 2004, and was a massage school administrator from 2003- 2010. She has taught at the Florida College of Natural Health and Sarasota 

School of Massage Therapy as well as teaching massage therapy continuing education, massage therapy educator training, and classes open to the public at Abundant Life Massage Education.

Jenifer specializes in Oncology Massage (with over 100 hours of advanced Oncology Massage training) and is also one of only 27 educators approved by the Society for Oncology Massage to teach Oncology Massage. She holds advanced certifications in Neuromuscular Therapy, Canine (Dog) Massage, Raindrop Technique, and Bamboo-Fusion. Before becoming a massage therapist, she enjoyed being a middle school and high school band director in Wisconsin for 11 years but transitioned to a more relaxing career in a warmer climate by moving to Florida permanently in 2003. 

She is the proud companion to two vizslas, an Italian greyhound mix, and a pug/dachshund mix. You will frequently see them in a very relaxed state as canine massage demonstration dogs in Abundant Life Massage Education Classes.

First-Rate Course Offerings


Are you interested in taking fun, yet applicable and informative, massage therapy continuing education classes or learning more about the exciting world of Dog Massage? We offer several classes for licensed massage therapists and massage therapy educators as well as canine massage therapy classes, which are also open to the general public. 

We are also proud to be one of the only training programs in the nation that offers hands-on, 

200-hour, NCBTMB/IAAMB approved Canine Massage Therapy Certification programs designed by a licensed educator/massage therapist. 

Connect more with your dog through massage or completely change your career! Click on the "Canine Classes" link to the left for more information about the wonderful world of Canine Massage Therapy. 

Massage therapy classroom

Our Mission

Abundant Life Massage Education, Inc. was founded in 2009 by Jenifer Funk and Katie Jones, two friends and businesswomen who have a common passion for massage therapy, massage therapy education, and our dogs! 

Our mission is to provide massage therapy education at a level of EXCELLENCE with great ENTHUSIASM no matter which class you may take. 

We look forward to meeting you soon, so thanks for stopping by and have a SUPER-DUPER Day! 

Massage Courses We Offer

  • Oncology Massage: Compassionate Touch for Clients Living with Cancer*
    • Cost: $425, $200 for Repeater 
    • Hours: 24 (NCBTMB/FL Board approved for LMTs - fulfills the hands-on, live, in-classroom requirement for the FL Board)   
    • Instructor: Jenifer Funk 
    • Upcoming Dates: October 12-14, 2018 - 9:00 am - 6:00 pm each day 
    • Location: Sarasota, FL  
    • Overview: In this 24 hour class, you will learn how to safely work on clients living with cancer, indications and contraindications, how cancer spreads, cancer treatments and their side-effects, post- mastectomy scar-tissue work, disease and treatment-related adjustments, as well as have the opportunity to work in a clinical setting on a person who is currently undergoing treatments for cancer or is in remission. Upon successful completion of this class, you will have mastered the skills necessary to integrate these techniques into your massage treatments immediately.
  • Learn to Massage Your Dog (LTMYD)
    • Cost: $250/$225*
    • Hours: 15 (NCBTMB & OPEN to the GENERAL PUBLIC)
    • Instructor: Jenifer Funk or TBA
    • Upcoming Dates (9:00 am - 5:00/4:00 pm each day)
    • July 28-29 2018 (Saturday/Sunday) 
    • September 1-2, 2018 (Saturday/Sunday)
    • October 27-28, 2018 (Saturday/Sunday)
    • Location:  Sarasota, FL 34235** 
    • Overview: In this 15 hour course, you will learn: the benefits of dog massage, indications and contra-indications, when to refer to a vet, basic canine anatomy, several different massage strokes and when to use each stroke, a full-body canine relaxation massage routine, 22 bones of the canine skeletal system, 15 muscles, basic canine hydrotherapy, a full canine stretching routine with range of motion which you will integrate into the full-body canine relaxation massage, as well as pre-event and post-event routines for canine athletes.

  • Canine Massage Therapy Level 1: 100 hours
    • Cost: $450/Module for Modules 1-3. Module 4 is FREE! Total cost is $1,350 + books
    • Hours: 100 (NCBTMB approved for LMTs & OPEN to the GENERAL PUBLIC)
    • Instructor: Jenifer Funk or TBA
    • Upcoming Dates: See below under each Module
    • Location: Sarasota, FL
    • Pre-Requisite: Learn to Massage Your Dog or equivalent 15 hour(+) training
    • Overview: The 100 Hour, Canine Massage Therapy Training Level 1 program is broken down into 4 modules of 25 hours each. The modules must be taken in order and successful completion of each module is a requirement to proceed to the next module. This is the foundational massage therapy training when it comes to learning dog massage.
    • (A minimum of 4 participants is required and a maximum of 15 participants will be accepted for Module 16)
  • Level 1: Module 1 - July 30 - August 2, 2018
    • In this 25 hour module, you will learn the Origin of Dogs, Canine Communications, Anatomy and Physiology (including anatomical directions, terminology, skeletal system/bones & joints, muscular system/the muscles of the forelimb), Special Populations/Palliative Care (including death & dying), Massage Benefits (including advanced indications, contraindications, & when to refer to a veterinarian), Palpation Exercises, Advanced Full Body Canine Massage Techniques (including review of basic massage strokes: effleurage, petrissage, skin rolling, compression, kneading, muscle squeezing, friction, vibration, and laying on of hands).
  • Level 1: Module 2 - August 3-5, 2018
    • In this 25 hour module, you will learn Anatomy & Physiology (including Breeds & Conformation, the muscles of the hindlimb, the Systems of the body and how massage affects those systems), Kinesiology (including how to identify normal gait/movement and gait analysis for abnormal movement), Pathology (including pathologies affecting gait, common issues affecting breeds, common canine diseases and medications), and Integrating Assessment (gait analysis) & Therapeutic Massage Techniques (scar tissue massage/compensatory muscles) into a Full Body Canine Massage.
  • Level 1: Module 3 - August 7-9, 2018
    • In this 25 hour module, you will learn Anatomy & Physiology (the muscles of the neck, trunk, and tail), Kinesiology (including movements specific to canine athletes), Hydrotherapy Treatments for the Canine (including uses of ice & heat, and when pool hydrotherapy might be indicated), Sports Massage Techniques, Allied Modalities (including aromatherapy/Canine Raindrop Technique, nutrition, Reiki/energy work, Puppy and Prenatal Massage Techniques, Scope of Practice, SOAP Notes and Record Keeping, Practice Management (including ethics, client communications, and marketing).
  • Level 1: Module 4 - NOTE: This internship is done wherever you live.
    • In this 25 hour internship you will be required to submit a binder, with materials provided for you, showing:
      • First Aid/CPR for Small Animals certificate
      • Documentation of Case Studies treating two different dogs with different pathologies for a minimum of 5 treatments per dog
      • Documentation of Canine Massage Therapy treatments on 10 different canines
      • A Lecture Presentation /Demonstration about Canine Massage Therapy to a minimum of 5 attendees
      • Documentation of 15 complimentary canine massages at a Health and Wellness or Dog Show/Competition

  • Required Book Package for Level 1 Canine Massage Training Program:
    • Canine Medical Massage: Techniques and Clinical Applications, Narda G. Robinson
    • The Dog Anatomy Workbook: A Guide to the Canine Body, Andrew Gardiner and Maggie Raynor
    • Balance Your Dog: Canine Massage, C. Sue Furman
    • Abundant Life Massage Education Binder (you will receive a .pdf to print off or pay $50)

  • Recommended for Level 1, Required for Level 2:
    • Guide to the Dissection of the Dog, 7th Edition (preferred), Evans & DeLahunta
    • Canine Massage: A Complete Reference Manual, 2nd Edition, Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, LMT
    • The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs, Patricia McConnell
    • APP for your phone or tablet – Dog Anatomy: Canine 3D by Real Bodywork
    • APP for your phone or tablet – Visual Anatomy – Canine by GraphicVizion

  • Canine Massage Therapy Level 2: 100 hours
    • Cost: $450/Module for Modules 1-3. Module 4 is FREE! Total cost is $1,350 + books
    • Hours: 100 (NCBTMB approved for LMTs & OPEN to the GENERAL PUBLIC)
    • Instructor: Jenifer Funk or TBA
    • Upcoming Dates: See below under each Module
    • Location: Sarasota, FL
    • Pre-Requisite: Learn to Massage Your Dog or equivalent 15 hour(+) training & Canine Massage Therapy Level 1. Exception: If you have 100 hours from another NCBTMB or IAAMB approved school, please contact us – we are happy to have you take the second 100 hours of training through us!
    • Overview: The 100 Hour, Canine Massage Therapy Training Level 2 program is broken down into 4 modules. Modules 1, 2, and 3 are hands’ on “live” classes and are 25 hours each.  Module 4 has two options which may be completed at any time after you start Module 1 of Level 2.  The modules are independent of each other and Modules 1, 2, and 3 may be taken in any order.

  • Level 2: Module 1 - September 7-9, 2018 
    • In this 25 hour module, the focus is on Anatomy & Physiology (review of 60 muscles of the canine muscular system, review directions and systems, review bones and joints, more indepth bones and joints, advanced terminology) and Neuromuscular Therapy for Canines (review massage treatments and techniques specific to each treatment, trigger point work, friction, indepth palpation, problem areas for dogs).
  • Level 2: Module 2 - October 5-7, 2018
    • In this 25 hour module, the focus is on Anatomy & Physiology (origin/insertion/action of 20 additional muscles and more indepth systems of the body), Advanced Hydrotherapy, Case Studies/Treatments/Outcomes, and Vision Boards.
  • Level 2: Module 3 - November 2-4, 2018
    • In this 25 hour module you will review Gait Analysis and Movement, Pathology (review pathology affecting gait, indepth pathologies affecting breeds, effects of surgery/treatments on joints, muscles, and fascia), Advanced Marketing Techniques (including website presence and other business tools), as well as Review for the NBCAAM.
  • Level 2: Module 4
    • In this 25 hour internship you will be required to submit a binder showing:
      • Option 1 is documentation of creation and implementation of a basic canine massage therapy course for dog owners. 
      • Option 2 is completing a 25 hour “teacher assistant” experience in a Learn to Massage Your Dog class through Abundant Life Massage Education.

  • NOTE: Trained massage therapy demo dogs are provided for you to massage and practice on in class but if you have a dog that “plays well with others” and can be happily crated, please give us a call so we can determine if it would fit into our “pack” to be included in the class.
  • *Per the NBCAAM Website: “Massage or acupressure training for humans may count for a maximum of 50 hours of the required 200 hour total. Such human training is required to be topic specific, that is massage or acupressure techniques, Anatomy & Physiology, meridian theory or acupoint energetics, for example. The remaining 150 hours of massage or acupressure training or equivalent must be animal related.”

For more information, please call us at: 941-356-0587.

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